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BBS Driftless Glen Tasting Set, for 9pm 24th February

BBS Driftless Glen Tasting Set, for 9pm 24th February

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BBS Driftless Glen Tasting Set - Tasting event 24th February 9pm 

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On February 24th at 9pm the BBS will be hosting Renee Bemis, Co-owner and CEO of Driftless Glen Distillery

We'd like you to join us via zoom with 5 x 30ml samples of the following delicious whiskey.

  • Driftless Glen Small Batch Bourbon 
  • Driftless Glen Small Batch Rye
  • Driftless Glen 51 Rye
  • Driftless Glen Single Barrel Bourbon, Distillers Select
  • Driftless Glen Single Barrel Rye, Distillers Select

Driftless Glen Distillery is an award-winning grain to glass craft distillery in Baraboo, WI. Located at the edge of the Driftless Area, a unique topographical part of the state that was missed by the last glaciation 15,000 years ago and that now has rugged hills, deep river valleys, rich prairies, and abundant limestone. This local terroir offers not only prime conditions to grow grains, but also a natural sandstone aquifer.

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