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Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project Cask 98

Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project Cask 98


Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project Cask 98 For Sale

Delivered Worldwide

All Buffalo Trace Single Oak Projects were bottled in 375ml bottles, not 750's

One of 400 bottles from Barrel 98

Buffalo Trace Distillery Single Oak Project Barrel #98 – Indistinct, alcohol-redolent nose, but the body is bursting with fruit. Orange and cherry notes play with dark brown sugar tones, and some cinnamon red hots on the finish. A fine whiskey; too bad the nose isn’t there to finish the job. B+ (wheat, 125 entry proof, level 6 seasoning, average grain, wooden ricks, #3 char, bottom half of tree) - Ref Drink Hacker

Buffalo Trace  Single Oak Project was a project that spanned four years, between May 2011 and Feb 2015. It was part of a research project by Buffalo Trace to analyse the effect different wood grains, recipes, entry proofs, stave seasoning, char number, tree cuts and warehouses have on whiskey as it ages.

A total of 192 barrels were used throughout the initiative, with different editions released every three months in increments of 12 barrels, dumped into 375ml bottles yielding, 400 bottles from each barrel.

The project started with 96 individually selected American oak trees that differed according to the number of growth rings per inch and growing location. Each tree was then cut into two parts – top and bottom – yielding 192 unique tree sections. A single barrel was constructed from each section. Prior to construction, the stave seasoning was varied. The 192 barrels were then charred differently. These single oak barrels were then filled with different recipe whiskeys, at various entry proofs and aged in a variety of different warehouse styles. This experiment allows whiskey connoisseurs to directly compare the impact of seven different critical variables across 192 bottles for a total of 1,396 taste combinations.  None of the 192 bottles in the complete set are exactly alike.






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