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Frequently Asked Questions


What does Small Batch mean?

What does Small Batch mean? There is not set definition of ‘Small Batch’, distillers use it to describe a whiskey that has been blended from a ‘small’ number of barrels to achieve a uniform flavour profile. They are usually positioned...

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What is Bottled in Bond?

What is Bottled in Bond? Bottled in Bond or BiB was introduced to protect the public from inferior and sometimes harmful liquor. Drafted in 1897 the first available bottle was produced in 1901, having been aged for four years, the...

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What is Proof?

What is Proof? Alcohol proof is a measure of the content of ethanol (alcohol) in an alcoholic drink. The term was originally used in the UK and was equal to about 1.75 times the ABV. In the US, alcohol proof is defined as...

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What is ABV?

What is ABV? ABV stands for Alcohol by volume and is a standard measure of how much alcohol (ethanol) is contained in a given volume of an alcoholic beverage expressed as a volume percent. It is defined as the number...

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What does the 'Age Statement' mean on my whiskey?

What does the 'Age Statement' mean on my whiskey? The age statement a bottle of American whiskey is the length of time, rounded down to years, that the whiskey has spent aging in the barrel. In the case where whiskey has...

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What does Single Barrel mean?

What does Single Barrel mean? A whiskey labelled single barrel, means that it comes from just one barrel as opposed to a number of barrels that are vatted and blended to achieve a desired uniformity and flavour profile. Master distillers...

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What is Angel’s Share

What is Angel’s Share? Angel’s Share is a term used to describe the proportion of liquid, both water and alcohol, that evaporate through the barrel during the aging process of the whiskey. The liquid evaporates into the ‘heavens’, hence the...

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What does Barrel Proof mean?

What does Barrel Proof mean? The term ‘Barrel Proof’ or ‘Cask Strength’ can be a little misleading in some instances. The term refers to the strength of the whiskey, measured in ABV% or PROOF. Most whiskey is cut with water to...

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What is Kentucky Rye?

What is Kentucky Rye? Kentucky style rye whiskey typically has a mashbill of close to the 51% Rye required to achieve American rye designation. Much of the Maryland and Pennsylvania rye industry moved to Kentucky when prohibition closed the northern...

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